The recent rains bought the river level up into the building, this is not uncommon during the winter, but it does mean maintenance on the lower levels gets put on hold until the water comes down and the silt that is deposited has been washed out, not just from the building but from all the machinery bearings.

Flood mark
Pete Dunn points to the flood tide mark while Brian Perrington starts the process of washing out the mud. Picture by Robert Coles

Flood water
Flood water inside the wheel, normally when running the level is only just inside the wheel. Note the woodwork stripped from the wheel as part of the replacement works. Picture by Robert Coles

The end of the year also bought the traditional end of year Christmas meal. It is surprising what can be produced on two gas rings, a microwave and a table top oven!

Christmas dinner
The team enjoying the annual Christmas meal at the pumphouse. Picture by Robert Coles