New land use project starting at Claverton

The Claverton Pumping Station Group wish to announce the start of an interesting new project adjacent to the Pump House. The reluctant conclusion has been made, that due to the very difficult ground conditions on the proposed car parking area, the project was impossible to continue with.  However, after some thought of what could be done with the land the group decided that after a little tiding of the existing parking space the rest of the land up to the tow path should be cleared of rubbish etc. and then a walk way made from the tow path at the far end down to the lower part of Ferry lane. Tree planting will take place and a few seats along the path will allow people to rest and take in the view. We are also planning to build some bug houses and install an owl box in one of the older trees.


The aim is to tidy up this piece of neglected land into a more natural landscape that will also have the advantage of a car free approach to the Pump House by diverting pedestrians away from the often busy Ferry Lane.

We think this is an exciting new project and very different from the normal Claverton Pumping Station Group activities keeping the 200 year and machinery working.

If anyone would like to take part in developing this project and then keeping the land in a better state, please contact Deborah Wray by email (