Last year during routine inspections we identified cracks in the cast iron of the of the waterwheel. After a successful fundraising campaign we have been able to get the machinery inspected and repaired.

Cracks in cast iron are notoriously difficult to fix. While cast iron welding has improved significantly, for such a large structure under load, the heat involved will likely weaken the surrounding area, causing problems large problems to reappear.

The traditional method for cast iron repairs is to strap the wheel. A special clamp is designed that pulls the material together stopping the crack spreading. A detailed inspection of the wheel revealed multiple strapping repairs over the past 210 years.

Our volunteers helped to clear the area around the crack for inspection, and to prepare the area for strapping. The strapping work installed by Dorothea Restorations.

Strapping for crack

This week we tested the pumping station. We are delighted to announce that the machine ran very smoothly. We will be able to run the wheel on our last two Saturday open days of this year!

Our running days will be the 9th of September and the 14th of October.

Thank you to everyone who donated.